4 Free and Web-Based Financial Management Courses

If you wish to study about financial management, then look through these with these free online financial courses. Here is the full list of free of charge financial management courses to discover the course that suits you the most!


Information about the free online courses in financial management:

The following finance courses do not provide academic credit, but they do provide a great number of various topics. Students are now able to learn about personal financial management online, and to manage the finances of a business by watching videos, listening to lessons, looking through the lecture notes and doing some tasks.


The Free Management Library:

The library is designed for new and fresh business managers and leaders who wish to study about the basics of financial management. Cash management and planning, cost cutting, financial statements and financial analysis are the main topics. Lessons cover sites to different resources, and users are now able to access a list of suggested books that are related to financial management. While the material does not include tasks or tests, it will serve you as useful information if you are for searching for a knowledge about financial management.


1. Financial Management, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

The financial management course at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology relies on the corporate finance and capital markets. This course is graduate-level course that covers lecture notes, optional books to be bought, certain readings, and various tasks for students to do.
Students are now able to access the exams that are already being taken by other students. Main topics of the course are: financing policy, risk and return, and firm valuation.

2. Entrepreneurial Finance, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology:
This graduate-level course tries to investigate developing business ventures and the primary phases of business growth. Students who take this online course are exposed to an intensive analysis of the establishment of the private equity industry. The resources of the course cover a number of readings, assignments, and recommended lecture notes.

3. Corporate Finance for Health Care Administrators, The University of Michigan:
This is a graduate-level course which assists future health care administrators to study about finance and accounting that is related to the management of health and medical facilities. It includes learning about capital management, budgets, finance math, and risk analysis, and also it covers lectures, worksheets, and handouts for online students. This course is the last one in a three-course series; it also includes managerial accounting, and financial accounting.

4. Finance Theory II, Massachusetts Institute of Technology:
The financial tools that help in making serious business decisions are now provided to the students. The course investigates corporate finance theory and various different ways how the theory can be applied to real business decisions. The notes from the lectures cover topics of company value, free cash flow valuation, and capital structure. Exams for practice and tasks with provided answers are available to download, too.

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